Posted on by Winnie Wang

With the arrival of summer weddings. Brides are ready to plan for wedding color theme with their maid of honor and bridesmaid. It is quite easier but not so easier as you think to decide the color of your bridesmaid dresses. For summer, light colors and easy matching colors would be the best choice to make your wedding day pretty feminine and romantic. Here are ten stunning colors off bridesmaid dresses for summer you will fall in love with.

  1. Blush Pink

Blush pink is a very classic color for summer weddings, never out of fashion. Because it looks so elegant and fabulous and perfect for all flawless wedding. When you think of blush pink, romantic wedding view pops up. And it would be perfect if blush pink dresses are embellished with lace and beads.

  1. Pink

It would not be overemphasized to say that pink is definitely the favourite color for each girl.

  1. Peach

Peach is perfect for girls who do not want lighter color as blush pink but darker than pink for the big day. It is more vibrant and perfect for warmer seasons to make you feel both in casual and formal.

  1. Lilac

With a a pale violet tone, lilac looks elegant and modest. It would be a great choice for and outdoor wedding.

  1. Burgundy

You can not say enough for such beautiful deeper wine like color. It works for all weddings in all season.

  1. Coral

Orange-based and peach like, coral is a bright and a gorgeous color for outdoor summer wedding with natural sunset blush.

  1. Navy Blue

A classic wedding color all seasons. If you have no idea what color is right for you. Then navy blue would be always the right choice.

  1. Mint

A stunning color for cool summer weddings and will make your wedding more alive.

  1. Silver Grey

The greatest of silver color is that it is neutral all match for all other colors.

  1. Slate Blue

A gorgeous color brings you quietness and softness. With dusty gray undertone makes it special and stunning.

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