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It is time to prepare accessories for your wedding day after you have already decided your wedding dress. We also strongly suggest you could to do so once you decide what dress to wear.

Here are 7 accessories you may need to add them to your wedding list.

1.Hair Accessories

There maybe a lot of options for you to choose how to wear your hair. You may prefer flower crown or just with hair falling down. Sparkly hair accessories like fake flower headband, crystal headbands, hair pins and combs. With these shiny things, you will feel bridal weather you are wearing veil or not.

bridal hair accessories

2.Bridal Jewelry

Besides the most important wedding bands. You may need to wear additionally jewelries to shine your day. You need them to match your wedding gown. For example, you may need to wear necklace and earrings to match sweetheart or v neckline. One or two jewelries would be enough to sparkle your day.

Bridal Jewelry bridal necklace,bridal earrings

3.Bridal Wrap(Full Collection)

If you are having your wedding on chiller day. You need a wrap to keep yourself warm when you taking photos outdoor. And faux fur wrap will give you a stunning and vintage look.

Bridal Wrap and jacket


If you are wedding a simple wedding gown without embellishment. You may need to add a sash to feel more bridal. Sash on the waist will emphasize your silhouette.

Bridal sash

5.Bridal Glove

If you are not wearing long sleeve gown. For traditional bridal look, gloves in different length and variety of material such as cotton, tulle, satin and lace.

If you are obsessed with vintage bridal look. Lace gloves will do the trick.

Bridal gloves

6. Wedding Garter(Full Collection)

Have more fun by wearing garter on your receptions. Lace bridal garter with rhinestones and flowers adorn the vintage look.

Bridal garters

7.Wedding Shoes

Wearing comfortable and beautiful wedding shoes on your day.

You need to take these into account when selecting your wedding shoes. Your gown design and where the avenue will be. Wear flat shoes if your ceremony is on beach or grass.

bridal shoes,wedding shoes

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