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Who says you cann’t have a sunflower wedding with summer passed. You can find sunflowers all the year round. And some special varieties may only available during September to October. So right now it is the perfect season to have a sunflower fall wedding.

Sunflower is a symbol of pureness and joy. The color and petals are sunny and cheerful. That is why you won’t be upset when you see it. It also symbolize loyalty and longevity to make it perfect for weddings, especially for country and rustic weddings.

Here are some of our best ideas for fall wedding with sunflowers, get inspired.

fall wedding with sunflower

Wedding Dresses

Sunflower bouquets would suit rustic style wedding dresses better. Vintage and rustic wedding dress with bright sunflower bouquet will bring more freshness for a autumn wedding.

Dress: AWD1162

Dress: SWD0073

Dress: AWD1272


Simple a bunch of sunflowers would be bold enough but you can also mix with other flowers.


Giving your guests more happiness and joyfulness at the first sight.


Incorporate more sunflowers into your country wedding.


Adding more sunflower elements on the cake.

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