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A lot of brides are wondering whether or not they should wear veil on the wedding day. Some brides think it is out of fashion, they prefer wearing a flower crown or jeweled hair accessory instead. But other brides think wearing a veil is a traditional part of the ceremony. Wearing a veil is a custom that dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans people believed a wedding veil protected the bride from evil spirits. Nowadays, wedding veil has become a symbol of the vintage and traditional ceremony. It is beautiful and it really accent wedding gowns and make bridals look more elegant .

So you are the one who likes veil. Our opinion is that you need to decide the wedding gown first. Then find a veil that matches the look. Veils vary in styles and length such as birdcage veils, blusher veils, vintage Spanish mantilla veils, shoulder length veils, fingertip veils, cathedral veils, etc. There are a lot of styles and length of veils you can find to make your look stand out. Here are 3 most popular types of wedding veils for you.

1.Birdcage veils

Birdcage veils are a perfect veil choice for any bride who wants an elegant retro and vintage look. It can be shaped and attached to your head according to your look. Be bold to combine the old-fashioned birdcage veil with modern your wedding gown.

birdcage veils

  1. Blusher Veils

A blusher veil is a classic style. With small veil worn over bride’s face when walking down the aisle through the ceremony. The father or the groom lifts the veil to symbolically consummate the marriage.

blusher veils

  1. Mantilla Veils

Wearing a Spanish mantilla at the top of the head gives bride a very retro and traditional look.

spanish veil, mantilla veils

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