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Winter maybe the least popular season to have a wedding. Cold and snow, but it also could be a dreamlike and unforgettable day to have a wedding in a winter wonderland full of snow. December is the perfect month for having a winter wedding. Imagine you are dressing your wedding dress with warm wrap, stepping on snow with sunlight reflecting on it.

There are a lot of good reasons to get married in winter season. For example, you have all families gathering around. And all vendors are available and it would be more easier to schedule and plan for your wedding. Besides, everything is cheap. If you are getting married outside of the wedding season, all cost would be more flexible and you are more likely to get more discount. Here we have the best winter wedding ideas for you, get inspired!

  1. Keep your guests and yourself warm

There are some good ideas for both you and your guests to keep warm against the chillier temperatures. Make sure to remind all of your guest about the weather and temperatures before your wedding days. Pick a warm wedding gown with sleeves and matching wrap or shawl for yourself. Prepare blankets and hot beverage like hot chocolate for guests.

winter wedding gown with wraps

Wedding Gown:AWD1365 Wrap:WJ0009

3 Ultimate Ideas for Rustic Winter Wedding

Wedding Gown:AWD1115 Wrap:WJ0010

3 Ultimate Ideas for Rustic Winter Wedding

Wedding Gown:AWD1159 Stole:WJ0014

3 Ultimate Ideas for Rustic Winter Wedding

Wedding Gown:AWD1364 Stole:WJ0012

  1. Flowers

Flowers can be very expensive especially some kind of flowers that do not bloom during winter. So choose flowers that are in season would save your money. Such as Carnation,Rose,Berries and Branches, Hellebores,Scabiosa,Amaryllis. Dry flower would be a good choice and recycled after the wedding.

3 Ultimate Ideas for Rustic Winter Wedding

  1. Decoration

Decorate your wedding with candles, pinecones.

3 Ultimate Ideas for Rustic Winter Wedding

Even though winter is a tough season when the weather is the coldest and the nights are longest. But it can be also a magical season full of beauty. Make your choice wisely and get ready for the chill!

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